1. Badges and Magnets
  2. Bags and Holdalls
  3. Cars and Transport
  4. Clocks and Watches
  5. Clothing
  6. Conference and Events
  7. Desk Items
  8. Folders
  9. Golf and Sport Gifts
  10. Health and Fitness
  11. House and Garden
  12. Keyrings
  13. Lanyards
  14. Low Cost Promotions
  15. Mobiles and Gadgets
  16. Mugs and Drinking
  17. Notebooks
  18. Paper Products
  19. Pens and Writing
  20. Personal Safety
  21. Stress Items
  22. Sweets and Drinks
  23. Tools
  24. Toys and Games
  25. Travel Gifts
  26. Umbrellas
  27. USB Memory Sticks
  28. Education and Schools
  29. NHS Campaigns
  30. Summer Theme
  31. Winter Theme
  32. Paper


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  1. 739000 Scraggy Bear (7 inches tall) With T-Shirt

    7 inch tall teddy bear with soft infill. Supplied with white cotton t-shirt.

  2. 706973 Yo-Yo in Plastic
    Promotional Yo-Yo manufactured from printable plastic. Can be printed up to four colours.
  3. 706198 Recycled Plastic Yo-Yo
    Promotional yo-yo made from recycled plastic. Available in 2 colours and suitable for full colour printing. White underprint charged extra for green yo-yo.
  4. 706654 Painter Set
    Water colour paint set with plastic paintbrush.
  5. 401218 Mini Frisbee
    A mini version of our standard frisbee. Available in a wide range of glossy colours.
  6. 401189 Flashing Yo-Yo
    A fun product to get your message across. Translucent blue yo-yo with flashing light. Can be printed both sides at additonal cost, or why not consider digital print?
  7. 401135 See-Through Yo-Yo
    Give your advertising a colourful spin with these see-through yo-yos. Good-sized branding area for your logo.
  8. 102008 Inflatable "Bam Bam" Sticks
    Inflatable PVC "bam bam" sticks, two per pack.
  9. 102006 Inflatable Frisbee
    Inflatable Frisbee. This item is phthalate free and CE 71-1-2-3 tested
  10. 102005 Inflatable Cow
    Inflatable cow. This item is phthalate free and CE 71-1-2-3 tested.
  11. 102004 Inflatable Dolphin
    Inflatable dolphin. This item is phthalate free and CE 71-1-2-3 tested.
  12. 102003 Inflatable Crocodile
    Inflatable crocodile with two black plastic handles. This item is phthalate free and CE 71-1-2-3 tested.
  13. 101933 Sam Balloon
    Sam balloon, plastic holder with a re-usable balloon makes the original samba sound when inflated, deflatable by pressing the valve.
  14. 101838 Soft Toy Mouse
    20cm Soft toy mouse, plush material.
  15. 101836 Soft Toy Bear And Fleece Blanket
    Soft toy bear holding a fleece blanket (75cm x 75cm).
  16. 101593 Soft Toy Dalmatian Dog
    Soft toy Dalmatian dog, includes tag for printing purposes.
  17. 101592 Plush Toy Elephant
    Plush toy elephant, monkey, hippo and frog, includes tag for printing purposes.

Items 1-20 of 30

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