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Personal Safety

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  1. Survival Whistle

    101228  Survival Whistle

    Survival set with a whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass, mirror, torch and safety cord
  2. Fire Blanket

    102023  Fire Blanket

    Fire blanket packed in a red plastic case.
  3. Snap Wristbands

    201169  Snap Wristbands

    Low cost PVC wristbands with adjustable snap up connector. Ideal for more complicated print.
  4. printed wristbands

    201170  Printed Wristbands

    Silicon WristBands are available in a choice of colours, finishes and sizes. They are ideal for charities, events, clubs and associations
  5. Paper WristBands

    201171  Paper WristBands

    Low cost paper wristbands with peel and seal adhesive fixture. Ideal for temporary uses such as admission passes.
  6. Small ID Bracelet

    401226  Small ID Bracelet

    Reusable child's identification bracelet. Ideal for theme parks, hotels and schools.
  7. Standard ID Bracelet

    401227  Standard ID Bracelet

    Adult's reusable identification bracelet. With various holes to adjust to suit wrist size. Good-sized branding area for your logo.
  8. Economy ID Bracelet

    401228  Economy ID Bracelet

    Paper identification bracelet. Ideal for use at one-off events. A low-cost form of identification.
  9. budget wristband

    401447  Budget Wristband

    An economical form of visual identification. Made from HDPE material with adhesive tab.
  10. loop wristband

    401461  Loop Wristband

    A refastenable wristband, ideal for a variety of events. Available in a wide range of material colours. Small, medium and large sizes available.
  11. Whistle Shaped Mini Plastic Horn

    101934  Whistle Shaped Mini Plastic Horn

    Whistle shaped mini plastic horn on a wrist cord with safety release.
  12. Safety Reflector

    101848  Safety Reflector

    Safety reflector with three light functions (constant, medium and fast flashing) on a plastic carabineer clip.
  13. Arrow Shaped Safety Light

    101842  Arrow Shaped Safety Light

    Arrow shaped flashing safety light with a clip attachment.
  14. Whistle With Cord
  15. Whistle With Wrist Cord

    101230  Whistle With Wrist Cord

    Plastic whistle with a spiral wrist cord.
  16. Ear Plugs In A Plastic Case

    101244  Ear Plugs In A Plastic Case

    Ear plugs on a nylon cord of approximately 63cms, packed in a rectangular plastic case.
  17. Coloured Nylon Wrist Wallet

    101319  Coloured Nylon Wrist Wallet

    Coloured nylon wrist wallet with black zipped pocket and velcro closing.
  18. Nylon High Visibility Backpack Cover

    101599  Nylon High Visibility Backpack Cover

    Nylon high visibility elasticated cover for backpacks etc with two reflective stripes.
  19. Reflective Snap Armband

    101675  Reflective Snap Armband

    Reflective plastic snap armband. Suitable for cyclists, children, pedestrians, and work situations. Excellent low cost safety item.
  20. Safety Reflector

    101716  Safety Reflector

    Safety reflector with a black carabiner hook and a red light with three different settings of permanent, fast or flashing.

Items 1 to 20 of 23 total

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