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Novelty Keyrings

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  1. Baltic floating key holder, oval
  2. Rubik's Keychain

    401415  Rubik's Keychain

    Make sure your name is always at your customer's hand with the Rubik's Keychain. This popular product is a fantastic promotional gift that your customers will really want to keep.
  3. Stress Star Keyring

    401118  Stress Star Keyring

    A fun new product; a star shaped stress toy on a keychain. Bright and quirky to get your logo noticed.
  4. Stress Heart Keyring

    401116  Stress Heart Keyring

    A compact version of our best selling stress heart on a keychain. A perfect low cost promotional giveaway.
  5. Tape Measure Keyring

    401103  Tape Measure Keyring

    A practical one metre tape measure. Supplied on a handy keychain.
  6. House keyring

    401102  House keyring

    Keep your logo close to hand with the house keyring. Available in two translucent colour options, this keyring is an ideal promotional giveaway.
  7. Hard Hat Keyring

    401101  Hard Hat Keyring

    The Hard Hat keyring is the perfect product for industrial or construction organisations. Branded to the front of the hat with your logo.
  8. Light bulb key holder

    101720  Light bulb key holder

    Light bulb key holder with multi colour changing lights
  9. Key holder, laser and LED light

    101636  Key holder, laser and LED light

    Key holder with a class one laser and a white LED light presented in a tin case with a foam inlay
  10. Plastic key holder with compass
  11. Translucent pocket torch

    101188  Translucent pocket torch

    Translucent plastic pocket torch with keyring, includes battery
  12. House key holder with red light

    101184  House key holder with red light

    House shaped plastic key holder with red light
  13. Key holder with LED light
  14. Key holder with a light

    101119  Key holder with a light

    Plastic key holder with a push button light
  15. Bottle opener with LED light

    101118  Bottle opener with LED light

    Plastic key holder with bottle opener and LED light
  16. Key holder, opener, LED light

    101116  Key holder, opener, LED light

    Plastic key holder and bottle opener with a blue or white LED light
  17. Hard Hat Bottle Opener

    401432  Hard Hat Bottle Opener

    A practical and useful product. The hard hat shaped keyring doubles up as a bottle opener.

17 Item(s)

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