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Photo Frames

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  1. 101225 Analogue Clock And Photo Holder
    Analogue plastic clock with three 7.5cm x 7.5cm picture frames. This product can be used either on the wall or the desk, photos are inserted by pushing two buttons to release the back panel, battery is included.
  2. 101232 Curved Metal Photo Frame
    Curved shaped metal photo frame 4 x 6 photo size.
  3. 101233 Oblong Aluminium Photo Frame
    Oblong shaped aluminium photo frame 4 x 6 photo size
  4. 101236 Photo Frame With Digital Clock
    Plastic photo frame with a digital clock, calendar and thermometer photo size 50mm x 35mm.
  5. 101237 Photo Frame & Weather Station
    Plastic photo frame with a weather station, clock and calendar, photo size 40mm x 60mm.
  6. 101598 Egg-Shaped Digital Photo Frame
    Egg-shaped digital photo frame with 1.5 inch LCD screen and 8MB memory. Includes a calendar, clock, week display functions and multiple scenes picture slide show.
  7. 101870 Aluminium Photo Frame
    Aluminium wall or desk photo frame with "friends" die cut card inlay.
  8. 201174 Soft PVC Desk PhotoFrame, 121-130mm
    Bright and eye catching photoframe made from silicon or soft PVC. Comes with a cardboard back with stand. Available in both 2D and 3D versions
  9. 201175 Soft PVC Magnetic Photoframe, 81-90mm
    Bright and eye catching photoframe made from silicon or soft PVC. Comes with a magnet on the back.
  10. 201409 Magnetic PhotoPocket
    A clever slot in the back of the Magnetic PhotoPocket allows you to insert your own choice of photograph. Made from clear rigid, scratch proof PVC laminated to magnetic material. Lightweight and low cost - ideal for mailings.
  11. 201410 Magnetic PictureFrame
    Cheaper version of the Magnetic PhotoPocket to suit those with a limited budget. The PictureFrame is made from printed magnetic material cut into the shape of a frame. The middle section is removed enabling the magnetic frame to hold your favourite photo' securely in place.

11 Items

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