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  1. Plastic Ice Cream Scoop.
  2. Deluxe Metal Kitchen Timer
  3. Kitchen Timer
  4. Steel Meat Knife And Fork Set

    101746  Steel Meat Knife And Fork Set

    Gift set consisting of a stainless steel meat knife and fork and packed in a transparent plastic box .
  5. Salad Utensils

    101748  Salad Utensils

    Salad utensils made from stainless steel and packed in a transparent plastic box.
  6. Set Of Six Kitchen Utensils

    101750  Set Of Six Kitchen Utensils

    Set of six kitchen utensils packed in a bamboo box, the lid of the box can be used as a cutting board.
  7. Stainless Steel And Wood Knife
  8. Waiters Corksrew And Knife

    101781  Waiters Corksrew And Knife

    Waiters corkscrew and knife with a plastic casing and coloured inset in the handle.
  9. Two Ceramic Mini Casserole Dishes

    101806  Two Ceramic Mini Casserole Dishes

    Set of two ceramic, microwave safe mini casserole dishes.
  10. Bottle Opener, Plastic
  11. Set Of Three Stainless Steel Knives

    101941  Set Of Three Stainless Steel Knives

    Set of three stainless steel knives presented in a black wooden gift box.
  12. Foldable Plastic Steps

    102002  Foldable Plastic Steps

    Foldable plastic steps with anti slip surface.
  13. Card MemoBoard

    201405  Card MemoBoard

    Rigid card MemoBoard with printed write on, wipe off surface, ideal for use in the home, kitchen office or surgery. Supplied complete with fixings, damp wipe pen in pen clip.
  14. Magnetic Memo Board

    201406  Magnetic Memo Board

    Magnetic Memoboard - Write on, wipe off for use at home or at work. Full magnetic backing sits flush against the surface its being applied to. Supplied complete with dry wipe pen in bag with rubber on the top, magnetic fixing and adhesive fixing.
  15. Temperature Gauge

    101215  Temperature Gauge

    Stainless steel and plastic temperature gauge for cooking (°C/°F).
  16. LCD Thermometer

    101687  LCD Thermometer

    Plastic LCD thermometer with a suction cap.
  17. Cotton Apron
  18. Stainless Steel Oil Sprayer

    101387  Stainless Steel Oil Sprayer

    Stainless steel oil sprayer with black plastic trim.
  19. Cooking Timer

    101463  Cooking Timer

    Cooking timer with magnetic back, plastic.
  20. Food Peeler

    101483  Food Peeler

    Food peeler with a rubber handle and plastic transparent container to collect the waste.

Items 1 to 20 of 32 total

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Set Descending Direction