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  1. Survival Whistle

    101228  Survival Whistle

    Survival set with a whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass, mirror, torch and safety cord
  2. Fire Blanket

    102023  Fire Blanket

    Fire blanket packed in a red plastic case.
  3. Safety Reflector

    101848  Safety Reflector

    Safety reflector with three light functions (constant, medium and fast flashing) on a plastic carabineer clip.
  4. Arrow Shaped Safety Light

    101842  Arrow Shaped Safety Light

    Arrow shaped flashing safety light with a clip attachment.
  5. Heart Shaped Safety Light

    101841  Heart Shaped Safety Light

    Heart shaped flashing safety light with a clip attachment.
  6. Survival Set In A Nylon Pouch

    101766  Survival Set In A Nylon Pouch

    Survival set consisting of a pocket torch, multi functional pocket knife and compass, supplied in a black nylon pouch.
  7. Safety Reflector

    101716  Safety Reflector

    Safety reflector with a black carabiner hook and a red light with three different settings of permanent, fast or flashing.
  8. Reflective Snap Armband

    101675  Reflective Snap Armband

    Reflective plastic snap armband. Suitable for cyclists, children, pedestrians, and work situations. Excellent low cost safety item.
  9. Nylon High Visibility Backpack Cover

    101599  Nylon High Visibility Backpack Cover

    Nylon high visibility elasticated cover for backpacks etc with two reflective stripes.
  10. Ear Plugs In A Plastic Case

    101244  Ear Plugs In A Plastic Case

    Ear plugs on a nylon cord of approximately 63cms, packed in a rectangular plastic case.
  11. Whistle With Wrist Cord

    101230  Whistle With Wrist Cord

    Plastic whistle with a spiral wrist cord.
  12. Whistle With Cord
  13. Hand Sanitiser

    401200  Hand Sanitiser

    A great product for anyone to keep in their bag, desk or pocket. The slimline hand sanitiser spray has a pen style design and handy clipped lid. Contains 10ml sanitising liquid.

13 Item(s)

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Set Descending Direction