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  1. 738000 Stress Double Decker Bus
    Stress Bus is a great idea for tourism promotion and London based busineses with print options for both sides and on the top.
  2. 401514 Cricket Stress Ball
    The perfect promotion for cricket clubs and cricket related events.
  3. 401513 Tennis Stress Ball
    The ideal promotion for tennis clubs and tennis related events.
  4. 401512 Beach Stress Ball
    Choose your own panel colours to design the stress beach ball. A great summer gift.
  5. 401196 Bio Stress House
    House-shaped stress item for promoting a greener corporate image. Contains biodegrabable material which decomposes naturally.
  6. 401149 Stress Ball
    Our biggest selling stress product, thanks to it's versatility for any promotion. The stress ball is the perfect low cost promotional giveaway! Now available in an extended range of colours with up to four colour print.
  7. 401150 Stress Rugby Ball
    The stress rugby ball has a large branding area for your logo. The perfect promotional product for any rugby fan! Now available with up to 4 colour print.
  8. 401151 Stress Football
    Show your love of the beautiful game with the stress football! White area is branded with your company logo.
  9. 401155 Stress House
    This house-shaped stress item is a great promotional product for any industry, especially companies in the housing or financial services sector. Good sized print area on the roof for your logo.
  10. 401156 Stress Cow
    Cute cow shaped stress toy. Your logo is printed on top of the cow. Great for when you're looking for something a bit different.
  11. 401195 Bio Stress Globe
    This Stress globe is perfect for eco-friendly promotions. Show your customers your eco-credentials, as this item contains biodegrable material.
  12. 401197 Bio Stress Ball

    Eco-friendly bio stress ball. Contains biodegrable material to ensure a cleaner environment. Price includes a full colour digital print one side.

  13. 401199 Stress Computer Buddy

    A fantastic dual-purpose desk product. A stress item with an added extra; a keyboard brush to keep keyboards clean. Perches on top of the computer monitor when not in use.

  14. 401146 Stress Heart
    A popular stress item. Show your customers how much they're valued with this heart-shaped product. An ideal promotional giveaway for people to keep.
  15. 401145 Stress Pig
    Pig-shaped stress toy with a good sized branding area on top of the pig. A handy and fun desk item to keep.
  16. 401119 Stress Star Keyring
    A fun new product; a star shaped stress toy on a keychain. Bright and quirky to get your logo noticed.
  17. 401117 Stress Heart Keyring
    A compact version of our best selling stress heart on a keychain. A perfect low cost promotional giveaway.
  18. 101824 Anti Stress Car
    Anti stress car made from a PU foam material.
  19. 101823 Anti Stress Heart
    Anti stress heart made from a PU foam material.
  20. 101541 Anti Stress Hard Hat
    Anti stress hard hat made from a PU foam material.

Items 1-20 of 24

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