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Earthenware Mugs

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  1. 706529 Atlanta Foto Mug
    Traditional 12oz (300ml) mug in black designed to capture full colour images within a white panel.
  2. 706530 Chameleon Mug
    300ml earthernware mug, revealing your full colour design when filled with hot water! The Chameleon mug has a specially formulated heat sensitive thermo-chromic coating, so when hot water is poured into the mug it turns back into its natural white colour exposing your print underneath and disappearing again as the mug begins to cool after use. Recommended for hand washing only.
  3. 706531 Kolkata Foto Mug
    300ml earthenware latte mug specifically designed for full colour dishwasher proof prints.
  4. 706532 Vienna Mug
    300ml eathernware mug, specifically manufactured for full colour dishwasher proof prints.
  5. 722002 Quantum Mug Big
    The Quantum Mug has a stylish angular handle along with a rippled textured base. This will stand out from the crowd. Available in White or Black glaze. Big capacity at 430ml.
  6. 201050 Marrow Style Earthenware Mug
    Mugs have been voted one of the top five most effective promotional products. A large capacity earthenware mug style, the Marrow comes in a choice of black, white or midnight blue. 100% dishwasher proof. 340ml.
  7. 721000 Horta Mug With Non Slip Base
    NEW Shape Ceramic mug with Non slip silicone base. Great for maximising brand colours plus that all important unique non slip base! Base available in 5 colours. Capacity 330ml.
  8. 722000 Cambridge Mug
    Cambridge is the perfect choice to carry your promotional message or logo. With its classic look but inexpensive price it's easy to see why the Cambridge is one of the best selling mugs in our earthenware range. 330ml.
  9. 721001 Metro Mug
    Best selling mug with clean lines and a trendy shape. Available at an extra cost in black. 350ml.
  10. 201048 Sparta Style PhotoMug
    Sparta style mug with photo' quality print giving stunning visual results of your image. Our Duraglaze PhotoMugs are the only 100% dishwasher proof sublimation mugs in Europe; independently tested to over 1,000 washes! This gives you double the value of the nearest alternative and will last ten times as long as most other PhotoMugs on the market. Get your message in the hands of decision makers.
  11. 201052 Sparta Style Mug
    For an alternative style of earthenware mug, opt for the Sparta. Available in a wide selection of colours to complement your design, price shown for white mug. 100% dishwasher proof. A promotional product that is sure to be kept. 255ml.
  12. 201051 Bell Style Earthenware Mug
    This attractive Bell style mug is 100% dishwasher proof. Your design is screen printed. The average person has 6 hot drinks a day - make sure your brand is on their mug! 255ml.
  13. 201054 Atlantic Style Mug
    The Atlantic shaped mug is offered in white. 100% dishwasher proof. 255ml.
  14. 201056 Lincoln Style Mug
    Mugs have been voted one of the top five most effective promotional products. The Lincoln is slimmer than other earthenware mugs. Decorated by direct screen printing. 100% dishwasher proof. Get your message in the hands of decision makers. 285ml.
  15. 201059 Quadra Shape Mug
    The popular Quadra shaped mug is offered in white or black. 313ml.
  16. 201060 Mini Marrow Style Mug
    The Mini Marrow is a smaller version of one of the most popular earthenware mug styles; the Marrow and comes in white. The Mini Marrow is ideal for Espresso machines and is 100% dishwasher proof.
  17. 201061 Newbury Style Mug
    The Newbury Mug is a classically elegant earthenware mug ideal for promoting your company brand. Stocked in the UK in white with a choice of branding techniques. 255ml.
  18. 201057 Budget Durham Style PhotoMug
    A low-cost budget mug printed by dye sublimation; providing high print quality and bright colourful images. The average person has 6 hot drinks a day - make sure your brand is on their mug!
  19. 201065 Milan Mug
    Exclusive, unique earthenware mug. Ideal for coffee machines. Prices shown for white mugs. 255ml.
  20. 201222 Durham ColourCoat Etched Mug
    Durham style mug with intense pantone matched body colour that will not fade during the printing process, the inside of the mug remains white. Also incorporates the innovative Etched decoration technique, enabling your design to be permanently etched into the mug.Etching is a subtle effect but gives your design maximum impact. It gives a 3D effect with a high quality, tactile finish. This mug is dishwasher safe; it will withstand up to 500 dishwasher washes.

Items 1-20 of 37

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