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  1. Stadium Cup

    401501  Stadium Cup

    The Stadium Cup is great for leisure events, theme parks, tourist attractions and much more. Made right here in the UK, the cup has a screw top lid and solid plastic straw meaning it can be used time and time again. Available in translucent versions of our standard colour range with a clear straw. All the benefits of a standard soft drink cup, with a hardwearing design.
  2. Lip Balm In A PVC Tube

    101994  Lip Balm In A PVC Tube

    Lip balm stick in a plastic case on a lanyard with a safety fastening, UV15 protection.
  3. Lip Balm In Acrylic Pot
  4. Lip Balm Ball

    101998  Lip Balm Ball

    Lip balm in a plastic ball, UV15 protection.
  5. Cotton Apron
  6. Waiters Corksrew And Knife

    101781  Waiters Corksrew And Knife

    Waiters corkscrew and knife with a plastic casing and coloured inset in the handle.
  7. Still Water 330ml - Screw Cap

    201182  Still Water 330ml - Screw Cap

    Pure, still mineral water from artesian wells and bottled at source. Blue tint or clear bottles. Screw and sports caps in various colours; extra cost may apply. Labels printed in full colour. Bespoke label shapes at extra cost. Please ask for full details.
  8. Latex Balloons - 12 inch

    705000  Latex Balloons - 12 inch

    12 inch Latex Balloon. Can be printed in up to 5 colours and in 4 positions
  9. mint card with full colour print

    706000  Mint Credit Card Container

    Plastic credit card sized container filled with sugar free mints. Full colour print price shown.

9 Item(s)

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Set Descending Direction