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  1. Text Marker

    101012  Text Marker

    Triangular shaped plastic text marker contains yellow, pink and green colours.
  2. Syringe Marker Pen

    101014  Syringe Marker

    Syringe shaped plastic text marker available with yellow or pink colouring.
  3. Text Marker, Five Colours

    101018  Text Marker, Five Colours

    Flower shaped plastic text marker contains the colours of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink.
  4. Ballpen With Text Marker

    101641  Ballpen With Text Marker

    Ballpen with black ink and a yellow text marker at one end.
  5. Ballpen And Text Marker

    101644  Ballpen And Text Marker

    Ballpen and text marker with coloured rubber grip, push button at the side and black ink.
  6. Paper Mate Sharpie Marker

    401307  Paper Mate Sharpie Marker

    The well-known Paper Mate Sharpie Marker. Quick drying and water-resistant. Cap colour denotes the colour of the ink. Can be used on most surfaces including glass, metal, photos, foil and most plastics. Black ink.
  7. Triple Highlighter

    401400  Triple Highlighter

    A best selling promotional product. Three bright highlighters in a triangular shape. Offers fantastic value for money.

7 Item(s)

per page

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