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Erasers And Sharpeners

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  1. wave sharpener eraser blue

    401355  Wave Sharpener & Eraser

    Contains a sharpener in the centre with a compartment for the pencil sharpenings and a separate compartment for the eraser.
  2. Hard Hat Sharpener

    401395  Hard Hat Sharpener

    A fantastic novelty product. The hard hat design is perfect for anybody working in industrial or construction sectors.
  3. Rainbow Eraser

    401397  Rainbow Eraser

    Multi-coloured eraser to make your promotions stand out! A vibrant product to carry your logo.
  4. Double Pencil Sharpener

    401398  Double Pencil Sharpener

    Double pencil sharpener housed in see-through royal blue casing. An eye-catching gift to sit on anyone's desk.
  5. Standard Eraser

    401402  Standard Eraser

    Handy desk item at a low cost. Good sized print area for your logo.
  6. Duo Sharpener

    401414  Duo Sharpener

    Brightly coloured pencil sharpener. Solid coloured lid with translucent colour base.

6 Item(s)

per page

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