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Plastic Pens

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  1. curvy ballpen silver and green

    401313  Curvy Ballpen

    Our bestselling ballpen. Ergonomic ballpen in a variety of vibrant colours. We offer a massive branding area on this pen to maximise your message. Sure to stand out on anyone's desk. A pen with a high perceived value at a fantastic price. Black ink.
  2. contour glow ballpen engraved

    714008  Contour Glow Ballpen

    Illuminate a brand or message with the Contour Glow Ballpen and its unique light-up engraving. Activate the push-button and a bright light will shine through the engraved design for incredible impact. Stylus top. Black ink
  3. marshall ballpen group

    719010  Marshall Ballpen

    An outstanding value, twist action ball pen with vibrant transparent colours or solid black and white, all with a chromed nose cone. Excellent writing quality. Black ink.
  4. super hit xtreme ballpen

    728001  Super Hit Xtreme Ballpen

    The Senator Xtreme ballpen offers a full colour wrap to photo quality 1200dpi.on the polished white barrel. Fitted with a 'best in class' black ink refill.
  5. sparta ballpen red

    714006  Sparta Ballpen

    The Sparta ballpen expoits the latest manufacturing technology of double injection moulding, a sleek modern design with high perceived value.Twist action. Black ink.
  6. fotofinish ballpen

    714004  FotoFinish Ballpen

    FotoFinish retractable push-button pens with 360 degree transfer printing. 4-colour process printing to the entire barrel of the pen. Black ink.
  7. value twist ballpen

    71403  Value Twist Ballpen

    Great value slimline twist-action custom pens in 4 popular colours with chrome trim. Popular range at great prices suitable for all campaigns and events, both large and small, making them the perfect promotional advertising pen. Black ink.
  8. super hit basic ballpen

    728000  Super Hit Basic Ballpen

    The original and popular Senator ballpen available in a wide range of standard gloss, matt and mix and match colours. Fitted with a 'best in class' black ink refill.
  9. contour digital pen

    714002  Contour Digital Ballpen

    The Contour Digital is an attractive push button ballpen, designed for a full colour digital print, black ink.
  10. absolute extra ballpen

    714000  Absolute Extra Ballpen

    With its high quality ABS body, smooth mechanism, quality ink and sturdy clip, the Absolute Extra Ballpen range is a very safe choice for your next promotion. Its simple lines and uncluttered appearance is the result of several years of evolution and development and all at a low price. Printing can be carried out on both the clip or on the barrel. Black ink.
  11. kingston ballpen white

    401327  Kingston Ballpen

    Sleek twist action ballpen with silver effect trim. A fantastic pen at a budget price. Black ink.
  12. alpine ballpen burgundy

    401275a  Alpine Pen Chrome Trim

    Plastic push action ballpen at a keen price, the alpine ballpen is available in a choice of colours with chrome or gold effect trim. Black ink.
  13. alpine ballpen green

    401275  Alpine Pen Gold Trim

    Plastic push action ballpen at a keen price, the alpine ballpen is available in a choice of colours with gold or chrome effect trim. Black ink.
  14. curvy ballpen frosted pink

    401314  Curvy Ballpen Frosted

    A new addition to the Curvy pen range. The best selling Curvy ballpen is now available in trendy coloured, frosted barrels. Great value for money and a large branding area for displaying your logo. Black ink. BS7272 approved.
  15. Havana Ballpen

    401329  Havana Ballpen

    High quality ballpen with trendy, frosted coloured barrels. Available in a wide choice of colour options with a large branding area for your logo. Black ink.
  16. DS3.1 Evolution Ballpen

    401367  DS3.1 Evolution Ballpen

    The innovative DS3.1 offers a stronger barrel and clip. Available in a range of stylish translucent colour options with bright silver tip. Black ink.
  17. curvy highlighter

    401335  Curvy Highlighter

    Our best selling ballpen with an additional extra; a vibrant yellow highlighter at the top. A perfect multi-purpose pen. Now available in an extended range of colours. Black ink.
  18. curvy ballpen white and pink

    401315  Curvy Ballpen White

    Our bestselling ballpen with a huge branding area. Ergonomic ballpen with a sleek white barrel and translucent coloured trims. Sure to stand out on anyone's desk. Black ink.
  19. Summit Pen

    401337  Summit Pen

    A contemporary, stylish pen that will give your promotions a new look. Metallic coloured top with silver barrel. Black ink.
  20. ellipse ballpen purple

    401342  Ellipse Ballpen

    Stylish ballpen with white barrels and coloured trim. The pen's oval contours make it ideal for carrying a full colour digital logo. Black ink.

Items 1 to 20 of 65 total

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