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  1. 706133 Buzz Brush Keyboard Cleaner
    The Buzz Brush is a unique 2-in-1 computer cleaning tool designed to easily get in-between the keys of a computer keyboard to remove lint, dust and particles, as well as clean any LCD screen. While current computer keyboard cleaners on the market offer tools with brushes, the bristle technology on the Buzz Brush is strategically designed to flex in-between the keyboard keys, and then expand out to reach under the keys. In addition the base incorporates a microfibre screen cleaning material that is designed to clean the computer screen, smart phones and any touch device with even pressure.
  2. 706149 Clever Clip Dispenser
    Unique desktop paper clip dispenser with magnetic wheel for dispensing. Assorted paper clips supplied.
  3. 706876 Sticky Screen Cleaner with Backing Card
    Miniature microfiber cleaner with PU gel on the reverse, designed to stick onto the back of your device without leaving any residue once removed Ideal for cleaning the screen of your smart phone or tablets while on the go. Available with or without a full colour printed backing card.
  4. 706916 Triad Pen Pot
    Triangular shaped pen pot supplied complete with your full colour images inserted into all three sides.
  5. 706476 Magnetic Clip
    Magnetic clip with strong mechanism.
  6. 706192 Recycled Paper Clip - Medium
    Promotional paper clip made from recycled plastic. Available in 2 sizes and suitable for full colour printing. White underprint charged extra for green paper clip.
  7. 706195 Recycled Pencil Sharpener
    Pencil Sharpener made from recycled vending cups in natural brown. Also available in silver.
  8. 706202 Recycled Wheelie Bin Pen Pot
    Wheelie bin shaped pen pot made from recycled plastic. A novelty promotional product for use in the office.
  9. 706656 Paper Slitter
    Safe paper slitter in moulded plastic hand hardened steel blade.
  10. 101379 Ballerina letter opener
    Ballerina metal letter opener, supplied in a black laminated card box
  11. 101383 Metal Letter Opener
    Metal letter opener, supplied in a black laminated card box.
  12. 101744 Memo Holder With Liquid
    Plastic square memo holder with coloured liquid and a metal clip.
  13. 101745 Memo Holder
    Acrylic memo holder with three metal clips.
  14. 101751 Heart Shaped Memo Holder
    Heart shaped acrylic memo holder with metal clip.
  15. 101752 Translucent Acrylic Cube Memo
    Translucent acrylic cube memo holder with metal clip.
  16. 101835 Clipwriter
    Plastic clipwriter with a combination of a ballpen and a paperclip in one, with blue ink
  17. 201098 Trio
    Multifunctional 3 in 1 tool which acts as a screen cleaner, trolley coin and mobile phone stylus. Decorated with a four colour process printed sticker.
  18. 401200 Hand Sanitiser
    A great product for anyone to keep in their bag, desk or pocket. The slimline hand sanitiser spray has a pen style design and handy clipped lid. Contains 10ml sanitising liquid.
  19. 401403 House Shaped Paper Clip Dispenser
    House-shaped paperclip dispenser. Includes a bag of coloured paperclips. Perfect item for financial, mortgage and housing markets.

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