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Plastic Keyrings

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  1. p5 keyring clear

    401463  P5 Keyring

    Our best selling keyring, the P5 offers exceptional value for money. Prices include full colour digital print and set up.
  2. P6 Keyring

    401464  P6 Keyring

    The P6 offers all the great benefits of the P6 keyring, plus a handy plastic clip attachment for a flat keyring profile.
  3. S5 Classic Keyring

    401379  S5 Classic Keyring

    The S5 is a classic practical keyring. Offers a great branding area for a full colour paper insert.
  4. A5 Keyring

    401000  A5 Keyring

    The A5 has a passport photo-sized print area. Handy size for your promotions.
  5. S6 Classic Keyring

    401380  S6 Classic Keyring

    The S6 offers the same great branding area as the S5, plus a plastic clip attachment for a flat profile - ideal for use in mailings.
  6. D2 Keyring

    401449  D2 Keyring

    The D2 is a stylish plastic keyring with a slimline lozenge shape. Available in clear only, allowing you to display your message on both sides.
  7. F1 Keyring

    401450  F1 Keyring

    The F1 keyring has a modern oblong shape, plus convex sides to really make your graphics come alive.
  8. G1 Re-openable Keyring

    401452  G1 Re-openable Keyring

    The G1 plastic keyring has been designed to be re-openable. Available in clear only which allows branding on both sides.
  9. I1 Round Keyring

    401453  I1 Round Keyring

    The I1 is a tactile round keyring. A popular shape that offers lots of design possibilities.
  10. L4 Large Keyring

    401456  L4 Large Keyring

    Our L4 large keyring has a massive print area so that you can really get your message seen. Available in a range of bright colours.
  11. L6 Large Keyring

    401457  L6 Large Keyring

    The L6 keyring is the same large size as the L4. It comes with a plastic clip attachment which gives the keyring a flat profile.
  12. Racer Keyring

    401467  Racer Keyring

    The Racer keyring is manufactured from soft-feel, flexible plastic. Ideal for use with car or motorbike keys since it won't cause scratches. Your branding is brought to life with full colour print and doming on both sides of the keyring. Available in two shapes; oval or oblong.
  13. U1 Square Keyring

    401474  U1 Square Keyring

    The U1 is a mid-sized square keyring. Contains a printed paper insert for your logo or message.
  14. E1 Keyring

    401496  E1 Keyring

    Our newest keyring contains a handy passport photo-sized branding area, in a re-openable compact keyring. Available in clear only, so branding can be seen on both sides.
  15. Standard Ad-Loop

    401460  Standard Ad-Loop

    The Ad-Loop is a real winner when it comes to promotions, keeping your brand always at hand. Available in a wide range of colours, you're sure to find something to suit your brand. Plenty of space to include your logo, message and/or contact details. Plus the clear plastic underside allows you to print on the inside of the loop (contact us for prices).
  16. Jumbo Ad-Loop®

    401458  Jumbo Ad-Loop®

    Easy to use and almost impossible to lose. Our Jumbo Ad-Loop is perfect for displaying a longer promotional message. Make sure your contact details are always within easy reach with the Jumbo Ad-Loop
  17. Mini Ad-Loop®

    401459  Mini Ad-Loop®

    A mini version of the popular Ad-Loop, great for a variety of uses. Available in a wide range of colours. A simple, low cost promotional keyring.
  18. Soft PVC KeyFob 3D, 11-20mm

    201173  Soft PVC KeyFob 3D, 11-20mm

    Bright and eye catching keychains made from silicon or soft PVC. Available with choice of attachments.
  19. Soft PVC KeyFob 2D, 11-20mm

    201172  Soft PVC KeyFob 2D, 11-20mm

    Bright and eye catching keychains made from silicon or soft PVC. Available with a choice of attachments.
  20. Acrylic Xtra Keyfob 50 x 82mm

    201154  Acrylic Xtra Keyfob 50 x 82mm

    These attractive & practical KeyFobs ensure your message is carried wherever the recipients go. KeyFobs are printed on both sides in full colour; each side can carry a different message for double the impact. All KeyFobs are made from high quality, scratch resistant material. KeyFobs are attached to the split ring with a strong clear connector.

Items 1 to 20 of 30 total

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