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  1. Letter Opener

    101473  Letter Opener

    Promotional plastic letter opener.
  2. super hit basic ballpen

    728000  Super Hit Basic Ballpen

    The original and popular Senator ballpen available in a wide range of standard gloss, matt and mix and match colours. Fitted with a 'best in class' black ink refill.
  3. wrapped boiled sweets personalized

    702001  Wrapped Boiled Sweets - Bulk

    Boiled sweets, mint or fruit flavour with personalized wrapper. Good exhibition table gift.
  4. absolute extra ballpen

    714000  Absolute Extra Ballpen

    With its high quality ABS body, smooth mechanism, quality ink and sturdy clip, the Absolute Extra Ballpen range is a very safe choice for your next promotion. Its simple lines and uncluttered appearance is the result of several years of evolution and development and all at a low price. Printing can be carried out on both the clip or on the barrel. Black ink.
  5. small round fruity lollies

    702000  Small Round Fruity Lollies

    Small fruity lolly personalized with a full colour printed label.
  6. Ballpen With Card Barrel

    101121  Ballpen With Card Barrel

    Ballpen with a card barrel, wooden clip, coloured biodegradable plastic parts and blue ink.
  7. Whistle With Cord
  8. Fridge Magnet

    401451  Fridge Magnet

    Two-part plastic magnet with a printed paper insert. Available in a range of vibrant colours.
  9. Mini Magnet

    401261  Mini Magnet

    This handy new mini magnet is great for simple and cost-effective promotions. The magnet frame is re-openable and contains a passport photo-sized branding area for a colour printed insert.
  10. Magnetic Bottle Opener

    401185  Magnetic Bottle Opener

    A great multi-purpose product. The magnetic bottle opener is perfect for hanging on a fridge door, ready for use and keeping your brand in sight.
  11. SmartMat™ Coaster

    201009  SmartMat™ Coaster

    The SmartMat™ Coaster is low-cost and paper laminated, providing razor sharp print and bright, colourful images.
  12. wrapped boiled sweets personalized

    731000  Wrapped Boiled Sweets

    Delicious fruit flavoured hard boiled sweets fruit flavoured sweets can come with or without chewy centre. Digtal print on white paper wrappers with metallic twisted edges. Low minimum quantity and fast lead time. Good exhibition table gift.

12 Item(s)

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