Seven good reasons to choose a company with a good credit rating:
1) A company that runs itself well is more likely to look after you.
2) Staff morale is better in successful companies, so they will be more focused on ensuring your jobs are accurately managed and delivered on time.
3) A supplier that pays its bills promptly gets better service from the factories that are making your products.
4) A financially stable company is more likely to still be around when your order is due for delivery.
5) If proforma payment is made then your prepaid funds are safer and more likely to be set aside.
6) In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with an order, a solvent company will offer more concessions than one that is under stress.
7) You can build a relationship based on trust with the people in a stable company, because they will be there next time you need them and will have all your records in good order.


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