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Desk Clocks

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  1. Silver Star Clock

    703000  Silver Star Clock

    Quartz analogue movement set in the larger of two silver plated stars.
  2. Torino Silver Clock

    703001  Torino Silver Clock

    Polished silver finish clock with black rubberized trim and stand. Matt silver dial.
  3. Handy Desk and Travel Clock

    401483  Handy Desk and Travel Clock

    Get your name and message on your customers' desks with this handy desk clock. Features date, time and temperature functions. Also available with digital print. Button cell battery included.
  4. Desk Clock With Thermometer

    101462  Desk Clock With Thermometer

    Desk clock with thermometer, calendar and alarm, plastic.
  5. Desk Clock With Adjustable Dial
  6. Desk Clock

    101392  Desk Clock

    Plastic desk clock with a calendar and thermometer.
  7. Folding Plastic Desk Clock

    101231  Folding Plastic Desk Clock

    Folding plastic desk clock with photo frames 2 x 3 photo size.
  8. Analogue Clock And Photo Holder

    101225  Analogue Clock And Photo Holder

    Analogue plastic clock with three 7.5cm x 7.5cm picture frames. This product can be used either on the wall or the desk, photos are inserted by pushing two buttons to release the back panel, battery is included.
  9. Water Clock
  10. LCD Water Powered Desk Clock

10 Item(s)

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